Simple Accreditation Process

If you are offering courses and need to label them with a quality tag, we are here to help, you can contact us using the contact details provided on our site and we will forward you the Application Form with the details of the whole process. We will typically ask you for your standard policy documents which you use for the operation of your organisation. You are required to complete the form and return it to us with the relevant documents together with appropriate fees for the plan you choose. We will review the information and documentations you provided in accordance with our standard criteria of quality assurance to see whether they meet the minimum standards. If your application does not meet our standard requirements, we will provide you appropriate guidance for improvements. If they meet our standard criteria your organisation will receive the CPD accreditation seal. This process can take 1-2 weeks.

Training Providers

  • Accreditation for any size of companies, organization, & individual trainers.
  • Educational and training providers can use the CPD logo on their websites and printing materials. Students can validate your courses via our website 24/7.
  • Better commitment to providing quality courses & training, practices and culture to students.
  • They can confidently promote their institutions, knowing their commitments to excellent education & training is affirmed.
  • Institutions enjoy the guaranteed status and added exposure to your target audience by being endorsed by CPD.
  • Support and guidance from CPD helps you strengthen and grow your institution.

Apply for Accreditation